An easily forgotten factor when giving a good performance, on stage or beside it, is a decent meal. Something light so you don’t feel bloated but also nutritious so you don’t go hungry again within the hour. We aim to dissolve the stress of food altogether so you can focus on what is important for you and your crew. All we ask is that you sit down, enjoy the meal, go over the past few hours in your mind, give it a couple minutes to digest and go back to creating. We hope that what we serve encourages you to finish a piece that, in turn, inspires us to come up with the next menu. Sustainable motivation allows for perpetual creativity.

For the past two summers, and again in 2019, we’ve felt blessed to witness the performances given in the Open Air Theatre of Deurne after they enjoyed our meals. Without a doubt the setting within the beautiful park has an impact on the state of mind of the crew and the artists alike, yet we believe our food has played a part aswel.
Feel free to contact us for any filmset, theatre house, concert venue, etc. We’d love to work with you for extended periods of time but are of course available for one shot events.


Ideal for festivals, company parties or just your backyard. Starting with two stalls for cosy party up to eight for actual food festival. We like to give each stall it’s own country or region with a variety of street- or fingerfoods, snacks or full meals.

Potential, potential, potential.